Rainbow Preschool

Rainbow Preschool Philosophy

Children, parents, families and educators are unique, diverse, respected, accepted and reflected

Families and educators have respectful and reciprocal relationships and effective collaborations

Each child's potential is maximised through mutually respecful relationships

Children are co-constructors of their own learning

Play is essential for children to explore, discover, create, investigate, solve problems and express ideas

Children have the right to be active participants and decision makers in their own learning journey

Rainbow Preschool Team of Educators, 2019

Acting Director/Nominated Supervisor:  Kathryn Lyle

Office Manager: Leesa Roberts
Red Room:  Nicole Delbridge & Rose Lawn
Yellow Room: Erica Bartley, Jenna Cullen, Ursula Mitchell & Amber Murray
Blue/Green Room: Kara Palmer, Bradley Pennycuick, Janette Jones, Michelle Gulle & Andrea Nichols
North / Railway Town Preschool: Zoe Brasington, Michelle Kreitner, Heather Facer & Holly Magookin

Rainbow Preschool Committee 2019

Meet our 2019 committee

President: Georgia Savage

Vice President: Maggie Boatswain

Treasurer: Jackie Mengersen

Secretary: Sherean Glasson

General Committee:

Danika Bartley, Joel Bartley, Mark Glasson, Pam Stuchberry