Rainbow Preschool

Language and Literacy Family Session

24 Sep 2019

We held a Language and Literacy Family Session during Week 9 for all the families and children at Rainbow Peschool. 

This morning was designed to enhance children’s literacy knowledge. It also provided educators with the opportunity to share their knowledge and understanding about planning and programming literacy experiences for children in everyday learning environments with families. These sessions are always a lot of fun and there is imformation and ideas on how different activities and experiences can also be transferred into the home environment. 

Thank you to all those families who were able to come and join in. 

Father's Day Breakfast

3 Sep 2019

Last week families were invited to Rainbow to share a cuppa and a doughnut around the firepit to recognise those fathers and father figures who do a great job in our lives!
We hope that all the Rainbow Family dads had a great day on Sunday.

Book Week 2019

20 Aug 2019

Each year across Australia, the CBCA brings children and books together celebrating CBCA Book Week. During this time schools, libraries, booksellers, authors, illustrators and children celebrate Australian children's literature. Rainbow has taken part in visits to the Town Library to share the joy of children's literature and there have been some fabulous costumes from children, educators and even grandparents!


Stress Down Day

8 Aug 2019

Friday 26th July, 2019 was Stress Down Day, a fun and easy initiative designed to reduce stress and raise vital funds for Lifeline Broken Hill Country to Coast. 
Children and educators got into stress down mode by coming to preschool in their pyjamas, onesies, trackies or slippers to help bring awareness to this day.

Cuppa & Campfire

2 Jul 2019

Throughout time fire has become symbolic with the coming together and  gathering of people from all cultures. Gathering around a fire enhances a sense of belonging and partnership and signifies many important aspects of our history and culture.

This morning families joined us in the playground for a cuppa and a campfire at drop off time. It was a beautiful and fresh morning, perfect for standing around the fire. The children also had the chance to take part in watching some popcorn being popped over the flames.

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us and to those parents and grandparents who took part in our Family and Educator Feedback, helping us to form our direction and priorities for Rainbow...